I'm in a New Web Series

I’m in a New Web Series

A quick snapshot of me in the series.

A quick snapshot of me in the series.

Here it is people. Everything you wanted to know about picking up Asian Women. The complete guides. ALL OF US WOMEN LUMPED INTO SOME SELF PUBLISHED BUFFOONERY BY ONE DUDE DUDS DINGALING A DING DONG.

Commedienne, Activist, Writer, Playwright, Provacateur Extraordinaire, KRISTINA WONG invited me to be a part of her new web series “Kristina Wong’s How to Pick Up Asian Chicks.” It’s launching TODAY! Watch all six episodes.

Honestly, I was so horrified and shocked that these books existed, I was mostly dumbfounded through most of her interviews. I can speak intelligently, even brilliantly on some pretty important topics, but I know a lot about being an Asian woman and these books managed to deaden my mind.

I love Kristina’s work as a performer. She’s bold, funny and fearless.

Hope you enjoy. Please use #HowNOTtoPickUpAsianChicks if you like it. I’m featured in “Asian MILF Hunting” and “The Darkside of Asian Women.”