Did You Rest on Labor Day?

Did You Rest on Labor Day?

Having come from good, hardworking immigrant stock, I can tell you one thing my Tiger Mother taught me, never take a day off! Work until money falls from the sky or you find a rich boyfriend who’s gonna take care of you.


So it turns out, my Mom, who loves me very much, during much of my adolescence was going through MENOPAUSE, so while she was spitting out vitriol about men and marriage, and trying to prepare me for womanhood, really she was battling hormonal warfare inside her body and what came out of her mouth from time to time might have been something like EXCALIBUR!!! or “marry a rich old man who’s going to die soon, so you don’t have to give sex for the rest of your life.”

You: What the hell are you talking about?

Me: I’m just saying, my Mom said some psychotic shit when I was a kid, but through all of her menopausal storm and drang, what she taught me was the value of working hard for myself because it was likely, no one was ever going to save me.

So I never took a day off. Seriously, I had an ex boyfriend who I thought vacationed too often with his family and I actually broke up with him because I thought his life of luxury would hamper my artistic struggle.

You: You. Are. Stupid.
Me: Self. Confessed. Idiot.

Now that I’m a recovered Tiger daughter and becoming the kind of Tiger Mom I want to be for my kids, I realize that PLAY, REST and PLEASURE are all vital to leading a healthy life.

Maybe for some of you, taking a holiday comes easily, but for me, it’s not just about taking time off, it’s actually taking the time to nurture your soul. Doing something that is nourishing for your mind and body in a consistent practice allows you to bring more value to your hard work. It’s the kind of value that comes with not being inside the rabbit hole of your mind or the constriction of holding on to what we think is going to get us what we want.

Hope you took the time to truly celebrate what laborers fought for in the early 20th century, a shorter work week and the value of what hard work and sacrifice gains us in this country.

Happy end of summer. I spent Labor day weekend lounging with the kids.

Happy end of summer. I spent Labor day weekend lounging with the kids.

God bless laborers. And may you never have to marry an old, dying, rich guy due to a lack of no options.