Best Horror Film of the Year

Best Horror Film of the Year

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I don’t like horror films. I love thrillers.

They make me scared in my own home at night after I watch them. I remember watching The Gift and walking my dog at night and I was certain that dead bodies were swinging from trees above my head. It took me at least a couple years to recover from Sixth Sense. I’m really not joking. I would imagine dead people wherever I went and I told myself that they just wanted some company and if one tried to talk to me, I’d take the “helpful” approach rather than the panicked one. I’d say, “listen buddy, you’re dead. I can’t help you but seriously have a nice day.”

I wouldn’t describe The Invitation as a horror. It’s really a psychological thriller. A very taught, tightly wound one with a lot of twists and turns. I’ve been posting as many reviews as possible on my social media sites, but honestly I can’t keep up with them.

My biggest applause is for director Karyn Kusama who is absolutely one of the best things about this film. Hands down. Go see this woman’s work. Okay the script was pretty perfect too. Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi. From big studio pics to indie thrillers! They’re a pretty dynamic writing team.

I’ll be attending the Hollywood Arclight Sat 4/9 8pm showing of The Invitation with friends and members of cast and crew.

This is an indie film that has no big money marketing machine behind it. So it’s going to rely on word of mouth. Your word of mouth. Please go check it out!

Very few thrillers actually deliver on the thrill. Enjoy this one, it delivers.