Festival De Cannes 2016

Festival De Cannes 2016

Let’s face it. It’s one of those words…Cannes…that invokes glamour, royalty and prestige. I’ve been to some pretty extraordinary festivals such as this one pictured here, Venice Film Festival but never to Cannes.


I’ve been invited to Cannes in the past with friends (like in the prehistoric past, it’s been so long), but I always told myself I would go…when I had a film featured there.

I recently got a call from Director Kevin Berlandi telling me that our short film Hana Grows A Tail was officially accepted into the 2016 Cannes film festival.

I squealed like a little girl.

Then thought, OH? They have a shorts section?

I actually know so little about Cannes aside from headlines that I’ve never really investigated it beyond the films that win awards. And of course they have shorts, I’ve had other shorts die and try, but life holds these wonderful surprises when you least expect it.

Hana Grows a Tail, our short film, is based on the collection of short stories by Kelly Luce entitled Three Scenarios in Which Hana Sasaki Grows a Tail. I play Hana and it co-stars Phil Wang of the Wongfu Brothers. It’s an unusual story that may one day grow from a short tale to a bigger tail? I bow to the team and director who worked extraordinarily hard on this film and who deserve all the recognition for their talent and generosity of spirit, especially to Vasco Nunes, our dp, who tragically passed only days after the announcement. It was shocking and jarring to learn of his passing so soon after the good news.

I celebrate in honor of your Artistry, Vasco. Your loss is a great loss for all of us and a sad reminder of just how short our time in this world truly is….

"Hana Grows a Tail" in the edit bay.

“Hana Grows a Tail” in the edit bay.