Have You Found Vista Hermosa Park

Have You Found Vista Hermosa Park

Walking around Vista Hermosa park, I felt like I was in a museum for a park. It was so quiet. There were only a handful of people there and it was a beautiful, very clean, very well maintained park.

Having lived in LA now since 1998, it’s incredible to discover this city as a parent. I never thought I would be raising a family as an Angeleno. I’ve always had my eye on the big apple and that’s where I thought I would settle. But it’s remarkable just how much this city has to offer.

If you’re visiting the park, bring a blanket, a hat and a good book. It’s relatively small once you’ve walked it, but you will want to stay for awhile if it’s not too hot, and there is plenty of shady refuge scattered about. My peanut was a little too young to climb on the playground structure, a giant turtle, but my friend’s 2 year old loved it. We threw rocks in the water feature in the garden, but we really wanted to jump in. Sigh. You can’t have everything.

Here’s a picture of the little monkeys from the highest vista overlooking downtown LA. For some reason, I can imagine them as two old men, sitting here 40 years later.

Old buddies. "You again?"

Old buddies. “You again?”

Thanks to my friend Amanda for telling me about the park.