Eat Drink Love Chinglish

Eat Drink Love Chinglish

The play Chinglish, one of TIME Magazine’s top ten of 2011, is going on the road. And I will be going along with it. Yes, for the next half year, I’ll be testing my mandarin chops by performing with the mostly bilingual cast of Chinglish as they transfer the recent Broadway production to Berkeley Rep, South Coast rep and then some surprise destination like Fiji, maybe?

I’m so incredibly thrilled to be working with Obie winning director Leigh Silverman and Tony award winning playwright David Henry Hwang. Leigh’s link above features her on a panel talking about working in the theatre.

The work load is !@#$%^%$@# as the role is heavily in mandarin, the only language that is both left and right brained. Interesting article on that here. So I laugh if I’ll be doing anything else besides eat drink love Chinglish from here on out. However, from time to time, I’ll do my best to post some underbelly photos of the glamorous life of touring a stage play.

The unassuming entry way of Center Theatre Group’s Costume Shop. They were doing Berkeley Rep a favor by taking my measurements for my wardrobe. Everyone is already in crunch time.

On the interior, the costume shop is pretty massive and impressive.

If I don’t post many updates, you’ll know where to find me.

On Stage.

Here’s to my new love affair!