Hogg Heaven

Hogg Heaven

As of 5:00 am this morning, I’ve completed the one year Professional Program at UCLA and emerged victorious (and somewhat disheveled) with completed drafts of my screenplay MADE IN TAIWAN and my half hour comedy pilot HEADCASE.

I also consumed massive amounts of meat at the Silverlake gastropub Black Hogg with my co-directors Todd Smith, Mike Stone and co-star Sandra Oh for ourĀ A Helping Hand wrap/dinner. Both Sandra and I were out of town for the official wrap party, so this was a great way for all of us to celebrate our project together.

Black Hogg is a great place for carnivores and even though I thought it was a place that specializes in pork, the name actually means young lamb. Sandra picked up right away on a few Korean spices and as it turns out – the place is run by chef/owner Eric Park.

We shared a collection of plates.

Lamb Burger

Spicy Chicken Liver – this was the BOMB.

Roasted bone marrow served with tortillas.

Popcorn Bacon

This was hands down my personal favorite: Pork Belly Tacos. We ate these so quickly, I forgot to snap a photo when they arrived to the table!

Compliments of the chef: Baked Oysters with House Made Cured Bacon

These Shishito peppers somehow served as our vegetable.

Compliments of the chef: Wild Mushrooms on Brioche

We also had the roast brussel sprouts which blew Sandra’s socks off. I forgot to photograph them, but they were excellent. This place is in my ‘hood. That actually means trouble.

Divine Dessert: Churros

Among the many things we chatted about, I was most excited to hear Sandra talk about her recent experience as Lady Montague in the Public’s staged reading of Romeo and Juliet starring someone you may have heard of….Meryl Streep.

Waaaa! Scream like a giddy school girl!

As you may recall, I have my own idea of a Streep/Krusiec headline, so I did everything I could NOT to hump Sandra’s leg while she talked about Meryl. But I really wanted to (hump her leg) because for Sandra to be in the same company as Meryl, that’s how I felt in being able to work with Sandra. I think what’s probably true for most people, when you’re able to work with an Actor who has an illustrious career as Meryl Streep, it’s an indication of where you might be in your own journey. And in working with Sandra, I felt I got a chance to work with one of our great actresses. There’s a truth to Sandra’s instrument that’s not unlike watching water ripple. It’s riveting.

And hello – Sandra has a process, as do I, as does Meryl.

Such a nice humble reminder, because I forget: everything is process.

Todd recommended the documentary Theatre of War which shows Meryl Streep’s process in playing Mother Courage. This was the first play I was cast in during Drama School. I had two lines; I was terrible. I was also typecast as the “prostitute!”

Meryl Streep’s interview is electric.