Somebody Picked Me or The VC Film Fund

Somebody Picked Me or The VC Film Fund

When I started writing Made in Taiwan as a nubile Theatre major in college at Virginia Tech, I never thought that a decade and a half later, I’d be turning it into a film. I thought it was only going to take five years! Actually, they say it takes 3-5 years to get a film made, but from what I’ve observed, it generally takes about 10 years from pen to paper to end point. Yeah, I said ten years. I’m sure lots of micro-budgets and other projects are done in less time, but since embarking on this journey of adapting MIT into a feature, I’ve decided that I’m going to track just how long it really takes.

So I began writing Made in Taiwan (the screenplay) in September 2011. I had my first complete rough draft in March 2012. Since I’m adapting source material from the stage, I found it very frustrating to locate the narrative drive of the film; however, the end product surprisingly reflects the stage show pretty well.

Enter Visual Communications. If you’re not familiar with them as an Asian American filmmaker, you really should befriend them. It’s not difficult. The next festival which they produce is coming up May 10-20. The Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. I’ve already blogged about my films NICE GIRLS CREW and SUNSET STORIES. If you’ve got some yeller in you, you should attend and meet the community, and if you’re non-yeller, don’t worry, Asians are very welcoming except for that one freaky dude we see all the time.

Here’s a pic of Danny Pudi (Community) and I from LAAPFF 2011.

Last year around this time, I was attending the festival and revitalizing my blog. Now, an anniversary later, I’ve begun a new journey with VC. I’ve been selected to participate in their film development fund along with Tanuj Chopra (who directs Nice Girls Crew), Greg Pak, Sasie Sealy, Ham Tran, and Wong Fu Productions.

VC and l will be working together to find the best script adaptation of MIT that will hopefully then go into production. The first tier is development and the next tier is awarding 3 final honorees up to 100K in cash to produce their project.

I wish I could blink and just see Made in Taiwan the film, finished, but as the proverb says, it’s not the destination, it’s the journey. I did perform some bed aerials when I found out the great news. You can’t do this stuff alone. You need friends, allies and champions.

Happy Anniversary! (to me!)

And lots of these XXXX to VC for being my champion!