Different Kind of Help

Different Kind of Help

I was beyond excited when I was cast in the short film called A Helping Hand primarily because I would be working with the crazily talented Sandra Oh. The film is directed by Todd Smith and Mike Stone and for two guys with average, normal, white guy names, there’s really nothing normal about their filmic sensibilities.

The film is unusual.

I play Donna, a homeless woman. Sandra plays Cynthia, a woman who helps me. It was a great transformation process creating Donna’s look, involving quite a few makeup tests.

Pavy Olivarez, makeup and hair artist from Nice Girls Crew, worked on Donna’s hair.

Pavy also worked on his own.

Makeup Artist Klexius Kolby whom I’ve worked with in the past for red carpet events and on the feature LIVE!

Klexius introduced me to Ethocyn and the company sent me an amazing care package to try their products and so far I really love it. Thank you, Heike! The packaging is also convenient for traveling.

Serums are individually wrapped and are super smooth on the skin, absorb very quickly and work well under makeup or alone.

I was never into skincare. In fact, when I was in Taiwan I was asked about my skin regimen during a TV interview, I replied in broken mandarin, “uh i think the pretty – inside.” They were like HUNH? Anyhow, that was years ago when I never used sunscreen because I was lazy and I now realize – stupid. Now, believe me, I am ethocynzening the sun damage out of my skin, primarily from traveling around the world on Travelers.

My favorite article of clothing. Donna’s dirty Converse.

One of our interior sets on location.

We shot on the Red. I’ve worked on the Red for the Aung San Suu Kyi campaign and it’s not unlike having a microscope on your skin.

Thought this photo was a cool character perspective. Probably won’t make sense until you see the film.

Intimate interior scene.

Man Powow. Left to right. DP Harris Charalambous, Director Todd Smith, Producer Jonathon Hludzinski with his back to the camera and Director Mike Stone.

Donna’s home. My home during this shoot. Pretty fond of this location now.