Filming "Dream Bath"

Filming “Dream Bath”

Michelle Krusiec on set filming "Dream Bath."

Michelle Krusiec on set filming “Dream Bath.”

On 1 April 2012, Aung San Suu Kyi and her party, the National League for Democracy, was elected to the Pyithu Hluttaw, the lower house of the Burmese parliament, representing the constituency of Kawhmu. Her party also won 43 of the 45 vacant seats in the lower house. There was great international support for her release from house arrest for which she served 15 out of 21 years, prior to her election.

“Burma It Can’t Wait was a campaign launched for thirty days in 2008 to bring awareness to the suffering and social injustice that has been happening for decades in the Asian country of Burma, or what is now known as Myanmar. There is a military government there and monks and citizens have been attempting to lead protests against their regime. Unfortunately, the government has responded with violence and have even attempted to cut its citizens off from the rest of the world.

This campaign included thirty days of videos that featured celebrities and experts on the topic of Burma. This was a movement that was meant to show that the voice and vision of one person could sweep the world and really make a difference. Millions of people saw and participated in this campaign and it certainly opened up a lot of people eyes to an issue that they did not know much or anything about. We at Burma It Can’t Wait want to celebrate that movement and keep people thinking about this issue until a solution is reached.

While the message of the struggle of the Burmese people is an important one, these are certainly not the only people who need help and support throughout the world. There are many countries that are in the midst of wars, environmental issues, and political problems. And while one person can certainly not solve the world’s problems, we want to help you see that a single man or woman definitely can have their voice heard and create an impact on the world around them.” Reposted from

Here’s Day 25 “Dream Bath” featuring Michelle which won a Bronze Telly Award.
Director: Tim Bui
Producer: Michael Abbott of United Front